Monovision LASIK

…For Our Patients Over 40

“Monovision LASIK” is an easy and effective way to avoid the need for reading glasses. It works best when the patient does NOT have a strongly dominant and a non-dominant eye. One eye (usually the more dominant) provides distance vision and high-definition detail, while the other (non-dominant) eye provides depth perception, which does not need sharp focus, and “intermediate” or “near” vision.

By choosing a monovision arrangement with your LASIK procedure, the non-dominant eye is corrected to be better focused on near vision, leaving the dominant eye focused on distance vision. This allows the non-dominant eye to play a greater role in reading while the dominant eye plays a greater role in distance. This technique has been used with contact lens patients for the last half-century, and many find that it works wonderfully to keep them from needing glasses for a majority of their tasks! When obtained through laser vision correction, “Monovision LASIK” can be the key to happy patients.


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