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NOTE: Dr. Miller has performed laser vision correction on thousands of patients, and is now in his second decade of service to the Yolo County community. Our patients include celebrities, Chiefs of Police and other law enforcement, military personnel, professional sports competitors, and most complimentary to our practice, … other physicians and surgeons, even including other eye doctors!! Some of the comments below illustrate the warmth and passion which our patients feel about our care. To ALL of our patients, …. we’re proud and honored to work with you!

Eleanor Y.

I cannot adequately thank you for your kind and considerate attentions to me during my recent surgeries. From the people at the reception desk, to the staff in the exam rooms, you were all uniformly cheerful, efficient and very skilled. I can’t imagine a more pleasant experience and a more positive outcome. Thank you all very much!

Dr. Karrin Vallin


Amazing! This feels like a miracle. Every day I wake up thinking this is wonderful.

Laurie M. Hertzberg

I cannot find adequate words to thank you for all you’ve done for me. My life has improved so immensely since… my LASIK surgery. My self-esteem and self-confidence has risen to a new level. Really! I no longer feel self-conscience in public or when meeting new people.

I know I was not a ‘cookie-cutter’ case; but you worked closely with me… and went far above and beyond the call of duty. You gave the extra care and attention to my needs. I know with full certainty that no other doctor would have provided me with so much thoughtfulness.

Thank you again for your talent, your time, your thoughtful consideration, and for being the absolute best doctor that I have ever had the pleasure of ‘seeing’!!

Roger Sharrer

Sacramento District Attorney 
(Note:  the excimer laser was FDA approved in Fall 1995 )

As your VERY FIRST laser patient way back in 1995, I’m still amazed at the improvement you were able to achieve with me. I’m sure there’s been improvements since those ‘early days’, but my results were, …. and remain, …. spectacular!!

January Ferro

My successful LASIK has led to my ability to fulfill one of my dreams….. I’m now a certified scuba diver!!! God is awesome!! I just wanted you to know what a difference you have made in my life. Thank you!

Suzanne C. Hunt

The LASIK surgery that I had last week has exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled with the results.

From the first evaluation, to the procedure itself, and now through the post-operative visits, I was impressed with everyone with whom I came in contact. The professionalism and warmth of your staff created an environment in which I was completely comfortable and confidant. Your knowledge and obvious expertise left no doubt in my mind that you and your office were the right choices for my LASIK surgery!


Thank you for all the wonderful care you gave me over the last few weeks as I underwent LASIK. I can definitely say how much I valued your impeccable bedside manner, which conveyed to me a wonderful degree of caring, reassurance and calm. I never once doubted I was in very good hands.

Honestly, I am still in disbelief of how well it went, how painless it was, let alone how successful. I get panicked in the mornings when I wake up, and find myself seeing clearly, worried that I forgot to remove my contacts the night before. I find myself moved by dewdrops on leaves and frost on the windows, not because I have never seen such things, but because I do so unaided. I am making big plans for scuba diving, a cattle drive or maybe a pilot’s license. Thanks again, Dr. Miller, and thanks also to your cheerful and supportive staff.

Elizabeth Kemper

Great experience, great results. I can’t believe it. I haven’t seen this well in 40 years!

Jennifer Waniewski

I have worn glasses since the second grade. I could not see well enough to drive, ride a bike, exercise or even take my dogs for a walk without them. I know there are others who have eyesight far worse than my own, but when you are nearsighted, regardless of the degree, you are dependent on your glasses. If I lost or broke them, I could accomplish very little until they were replaced. I tried to wear contact lenses many times, but they were never comfortable, and my eyes were always bloodshot.

I first met with Dr. Miller for an initial consultation where he very honestly explained the risks and benefits of having laser surgery. I watched a video on the procedure and careful measurements were taken of my eyes. The next day the miracle was performed. It was very quick and painless. The next day I had an appointment with Dr. Miller to check my vision and my eyesight was, and still is 20/20.

Unless you are dependent on glasses, you cannot appreciate what it is like to have perfect vision for the first time in your life. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Barbara Brown

Yeah! 20/20…! I would recommend this procedure for anyone considering it. It was easy, painless and Dr. Miller is excellent. I am very pleased with the results.

Dena M. Wood

I am amazed and grateful that I can see without needing glasses. I never realized how much my eyewear needs modified my enjoyment of things, especially sports. Now, when I am running or rowing, I remember all the annoying things about wearing glasses that I don’t have to deal with anymore, like how heavy they were, how at the end of the day my ears would hurt or I would have indentations on the bridge of my nose, or needed to continually push my glasses back up the bridge of my nose when I sweat.

The LASIK surgery truly changed my life. I feel better about myself. In an unexpected way, I feel a barrier is lifted between me and other people. LASIK surgery had a huge impact on me. My family and friends, who thought I was insane to mess with my eyes on this experimental procedure, are now telling me that they have been thinking about laser correction.

Joni Davids

‘Detail’ best describes my recent LASIK surgery. My initial apprehension was short lived. As the chair reclined, I took a deep breath, and in a matter of seconds, my years of cloudy vision had disappeared! I had detail in my vision like never before. This procedure is truly a miracle for those who were not blessed with 20/20 vision!

Linda St. Cyr

I would hear commercials talking about having LASIK surgery and how now they can see alarm clocks and they don’t wear glasses anymore and I would think – ‘Oh, yeah, right! They must have been paid to say those things’.

I have worn glasses since I was 12 years old. My vision was so bad, I had coke bottle lenses, then I had LASIK surgery by Dr. Miller. Now, I am like those commercials! I don’t have to wear glasses, I can see my alarm clock by my bed. There was no pain, it was wonderful. Dr. Miller is the greatest!!

Austin M.

Dr. Miller and his staff are absolutely amazing. Dr. Miller has been my ophthalmologist for over a decade and you could not find a more knowledgable and compassionate doctor/surgeon. In addition, his new office building is outstanding and his staff are not only courteous, but they always go above and beyond to make your office visit a pleasurable experience. A state of the art building with state of the art equipment, Dr. Miller's office is the best!

Joel S.

I recently had LASIK surgery performed by Dr. Miller. It was a great experience.

Dr. Miller and staff are super friendly and extremely organized. Dr. Miller has the best interaction with a patient I have ever experienced. He is friendly and extremely thorough.

I was a bit nervous before the procedure and Dr. Miller walked me through the process step by step as it is happening, to make sure I was calm and informed.

If you are considering LASIK or looking for a great eye doctor there is none better.

I hate going to doctors or dentists, but look forward to my appointments with Dr. Miller and staff.

James B.

After 16 plus years of wearing glasses full time, we vistided Dr.Millers office. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I was wearing trifocal glass with severe far sightedness and astignatism's in both eyes. After consulting with staff and Dr. Miller i chose refractive lens exchange for both eyes with multi-focal lens' to be installed. The first eye was done about a week later with the second eye done another week after that. I now NEVER need to wear glasses. My vision is now FANTASTIC!! I have very good close up and distance and my intermidiate vision which I was told would be questionable is very good! I couldnt be happier with the whole process from the beginning. Should have found Dr. Miller years ago. This surgery was quick and painless both times. Quick recovery time and worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!!

P.S. Dr. Miller also performed LASIK on my wife and she couldn't be happier. I even got to watch!!

Gregg C.

After 60 years of poor eye sight, Dr. Miller corrected that problem! A miracle worker, I'm seeing leaves on trees, and more importantly driving directions, better than ever. Dr. Miller and his staff are complete professionals. The examination and information I was given prior to my precedure resulted in my total confidence in his ability to correct a vision problem that I hadn't realized was as bad as it was until he corrected it. His office facility is welcoming and immaculate. His staff is friendly, helpful, comforting and reassuring. The friendly and professional demeanor he and the staff demonstrated in his office and surgery facility resulted in a confident and relaxed experience. Truth is I was initially nervous, but it became obvious that I had nothing to be concerned about. Actually, I found the experience pleasant. Would I do it again? Absolutely, but he assures me that that won't be necessary, too bad I actually enjoy visiting his office. We've all heard stories about eye surgery gone wrong, but none when Dr. Miller is the surgeon. This is a compassionate man who brings sight to the sightless, like I said, a miracle worker.

Richard Farrell

I was raised in a medical family and have spent 20 some years managing, consulting and training customer support organizations. I am a demanding patient/customer. Both times I have seen Dr. Miller, I have been happy with his support staff and impressed with his skill and care. I can't imagine seeing another ophthalmologist.

Wes Hardaker

I've been a patient of Dr. Miller's for a long time now, and he and his staff are absolutely fantastic. He answers all my questions (which I always have), is on time and is accommodating to whatever needs I have.

Bev DeLege

Just this past March (2011) after checking out many highly recommended ophthalmologists located in San Francisco, San Raphael, Walnut Creek, Woodland, Vacaville and Roseville I selected Dr. Robert B. Miller to perform refractory lens exchange for both of my eyes. This procedure was purely elective for me, no insurance to help with the cost. Some of the other practices charged considerably more, as well some were less expensive. However my most compelling reasons for having Dr. Miller on my list to check out were his experience and background performing as well as teaching techniques for cataract surgery and I had been referred to him by his peers (a different eye care center).

During my consultation it became very clear to me this was the doctor I wanted to perform the procedures on me, my search was over. He is a very genuine caring person who demonstrates passion for his field of work as well as for his patients and his practice. Everyone I’ve encountered in his practice has been wonderful, they all contributed to my selection through their positive energy.

I truly feel blessed to have selected Dr. Miller. During my first lens exchange on 3/29 I developed an uncommon serious complication during surgery. Dr Miller stayed calm and immediately recognized what was happening. He made decisions and directed the surgery team on how to assist him as he calmed me and protected my eye from becoming permanently seriously damaged. I couldn’t have gotten better care from anyone else. Dr. Miller has been extremely sincere addressing my concerns as well as those of my family. He has since placed the new lens in the eye that had the complication and performed the exchange in my other eye. I still have some more procedures to complete the process and am thankful everyday that he is on my team. I trust him explicitly!

John Huddleson

I met Dr. Miller about 7 years ago. I was having some trouble with my vision so I went to an optometrist to have my eyes checked for new glasses. The optometrist informed me he couldn't help me, that I had cataracts and I would need to see an eye surgeon. This frightened me quite a bit, since I had no real history with any surgery and didn't know what to expect. I had been a teacher in Davis for over 30 years, so I had contact with lots of people and I remembered hearing good things about "Dr. Uhrhammer". When I asked the optometrist about him, he informed me that unfortunately, "Dr. U." had passed away the previous year, but his associate, Dr. Miller, had continued the practice and that in some procedures his abilities may even exceed those of the well respected "Dr. U."

I checked around a bit and the consensus was that Dr. Miller was a great choice. I visited his office and made a surgery appointment; the first surgery was arranged and carried out very smoothly, with wonderful results: I could see well, without having to wear glasses! This was a real treat, since I had worn glasses for the past 40 years. The second surgery, a few weeks later, gave the same results for my other eye, I was thrilled. The night after each of the surgeries, Dr. Miller called me at home, to see how I was doing; his caring attitude and follow-through really impressed me. After a couple of follow-up visits, my eyes were no longer a concern and I just enjoyed my glasses-free life for the next several years.

Dr. Miller definitely goes the extra mile to provide for his patients; we all know about his charitable trips to perform eye surgery in third-world Countries but it's also nice to know that he goes the extra mile for his patients in Davis as well; when I had an allergic reaction to the pink-eye medication last month, Dr. Miller met me on a Sunday at his office, in less than an hour after I called, to diagnose the problem and provide me with the relief I needed. He's my eye doctor, he should be yours.

Gabriel Galvan

I had the best experience with Dr. Miller and his staff. After growing tired of wearing contact lenses (and refusing to wear glasses), I decided to have LASIK done since I only needed it for my right eye. Dr. Miller, and his assistant Megan, explained everything in detail and I felt completely comfortable the day of surgery - which was quick and painless! It's been almost a month now, and I'm so happy with the result. Although I could see perfectly the same evening of the surgery, I decided to wait a few weeks before writing this, just in case. So far, so good, and I highly recommend Custom LASIK - but only if it's done by someone as caring as Dr. Miller.

THIS ---->https://lasikbymillercom.imatrixbase.com/lasik/testimonials.html

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