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Millions of people all across the world have successfully undergone LASIK, and the number continues to grow. At Advanced Valley Eye Associates, we find that for most patients, the following three procedures are among popular choice.


“Bladeless LASIK”

The Intralase procedure is a 100% blade-free technology. Compared to traditional LASIK, the Intralase™ laser allows us to perform "bladeless LASIK" because it uses microscopic pulses of laser energy to make the corneal flap. The pulses create the corneal flap by forming microscopic bubbles at a predetermined position, rather than by cutting the cornea with a blade. Then the surgeon gently pulls back the cornea allowing for the Visx excimer laser to perform the corrective portion of the surgery.

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Visx S4 Custom WaveScan System

Personalized Wave-Front Guided Treatment

What is “Custom” LASIK?

No two eyes are the same! Like your DNA or your fingerprint, your visual pathway is unique.

Until recently, your laser treatment was based on diagnostic technology similar to that used for the prescription of eye glasses or contact lenses. However, with the addition of the WavePrint System by VISX, we can produce a precise and more detailed analysis of your vision and provide you with a more personalized approach to laser vision correction. With the diagnostic and treatment technologies of the WavePrint System, Dr. Miller can develop a personalized laser vision correction plan that addresses your individual needs.

The FDA Clinical study for VISX CustomVue, results at ONE year showed that WITHOUT glasses or contacts:

  • 100% of people could pass a driving test
  • 98% of people could see 20/20 or better
  • 70% of people could see better than 20/20

Different methods to measure refractive errors, to determine the prescription for treatment.

Objective WaveScan

Two parts to the VISX WavePrint System:

First, the diagnostic WaveScan™ unit is used in our office to map the entire optical path of your eye. This WaveScan Map, called the “fingerprint of your vision,” provides us with precise and detailed information about your vision. It separates the normal “glasses prescription” abnormalities (“lower order abberations”) and the more unusual curvature irregularities (the “higher order abberations”), and gives us an idea of the percentage of each affecting your vision.
Secondly, the WavePrint System incorporates the VISX STAR S4™ laser with two exclusive features: Variable Spot Scanning* and 3D ActiveTrak™technology. Variable Spot Scanning (VSS) allows for a larger treatment area and offers our physicians greater flexibility. 3D ActiveTrak automatically and instantaneously tracks the minute movements of your eye in all three dimensions during the laser treatment. This unique feature means you no longer have to hold your eye perfectly still, but can relax, knowing your treatment is precisely centered on your eye. Our doctors use these exclusive technologies along with the WavePrint Map to provide laser vision correction care based on your personal vision needs.

We’d love to discuss these new advances with you at your convenience.

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