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…For Our Patients Over 40

"Monovision LASIK" is an easy and effective way to avoid the need for reading glasses. It works best when the patient does NOT have a strongly dominant and a non-dominant eye. One eye (usually the more dominant) provides distance vision and high-definition detail, while the other (non-dominant) eye provides depth perception, which does not need sharp focus, and "intermediate" or "near" vision.

By choosing a monovision arrangement with your LASIK procedure, the non-dominant eye is corrected to be better focused on near vision, leaving the dominant eye focused on distance vision. This allows the non-dominant eye to play a greater role in reading while the dominant eye plays a greater role in distance. This technique has been used with contact lens patients for the last half-century, and many find that it works wonderfully to keep them from needing glasses for a majority of their tasks! When obtained through laser vision correction, "Monovision LASIK" can be the key to happy patients.

THIS ---->https://lasikbymillercom.imatrixbase.com/lasik/monovision-lasik.html

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