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A cataract is a clouding of the focusing lens inside your eye.  In a normal eye, light passes through your lens to your retina, which changes this light into nerve signals that are sent to your brain.  As a cataract develops, the focusing lens inside the eye turns cloudy and blocks light from passing through to the retina.  Cataracts typically form in patients over the age of 60, however they can happen at any age for various reasons. Dr. Miller's first cataract surgery during his training years in 1985 was performed on a 2 week old infant girl!

  • The chances that you will develop cataracts:
    • 50% of Americans ages 65+ have some clouding in their eyes.
    • 70% of Americans ages 75+ have cataracts that impair their vision.

  • Possible signs you may have a cataract:
    • Blurred or cloudy vision
    • Difficulty seeing at night
    • Colors appear faded or yellowish
    • Double vision
    • Frequent changes in prescription
    • Halos or glare from sunlight, headlights, or lamps
    • Need for brighter reading lights

THIS ---->https://lasikbymillercom.imatrixbase.com/cataracts/what-is-a-cataract-.html

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